Breath Alcohol Testing

We offer a broad range of specialist testing devices; from Lion’s low-cost instant screener – the alcoblow through to evidential testing devices as used by UK Police, such as the Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST and Lion 900.

You can be assured we have an alcohol testing solution to suit your needs and budget.

Over 5000 people fail an alcohol breath test in the morning each year, so it is important you have an accurate and reliable way of ensuring you are screening correctly.

The Lion Alcolmeter 700

The Lion Alcolmeter® 700* is a compact and easy to use breath alcohol analysis instrument, certified to EN15964. It is also approved by the Home Office, for UK Police use.

Lion Alcolmeter 900

The Lion Alcolmeter® 900* is the latest in a long line of professional breath alcohol analysis instruments that has been designed, developed and manufactured by Lion Laboratories Ltd. It conforms to both EN15964 and IP54, and is Home Office Approved.

Lion Alcoblow

The Lion AlcoBlow®* is a simple to use, rapid response instrument used to determine whether or not a person has any alcohol in their breath. It uses the Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is unlikely to be affected by anything but alcohol.

Intoximeter AlcoSensor FST

The Alco-Sensor FST* is the industry standard for Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) instruments. This evidential grade direct breath alcohol tester produces precise, accurate, and repeatable results.

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