Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Tests (POCT) are a screening method that provide instant results from biological samples provided by a donor, such as urine or oral fluid.

POCT can be performed in a clinical setting, or on-site, such as in a workplace or other non-clinical setting and are popular for this reason.

The Barrel Test

The Barrel Test is a trusted method of oral fluid testing for detection of drugs of abuse. The test swab becomes soft in the mouth when enough sample has been collected.

Pen Test

Consisting of a 2-step testing procedure, this quick and convenient oral fluid testing product can be utilised easily within any drug and alcohol testing programme.

The Cube

The Cube drug test is a quick and reliable way to screen accurately for drugs of abuse and alcohol in oral fluid/saliva.

Urine Cup

Our urine cup is the most compact urine drug screening cup available to the UK market.

Urine Dip Cards

An easy to use, lightweight and accurate way to test for drugs of abuse in urine.

Tamper Proof Key Cup

Combined with a temperature strip and a flat front pane so results can be read visually with ease, the key cup is the premier method of urine POC testing.

Single Test Strips

One of the oldest and most trusted urine testing methods, the single urine strip* and read test is very easy to use.